Custom Outdoor Canvas

Why would you want custom outdoor canvas?

Quality Fit

With winter upon us its time to put a cover on your grill and patio furniture to protect them from the harsh weather that will soon be with us.  Sure, you could buy a generic, loose fitting, boring black vinyl cover from the home improvement stores and if you're lucky you'll get 2 years of use out of it.  What about the fit?  Good luck finding a cover that fits that table and chair set without pooling water or a cover that securely protects your built in grill.  Each Nelis Customs cover is designed specifically for your needs so a quality fit and finish is our top priority to not only look good, but protect your investment from the elements as well.


You should expect more for your money so instead of wasting it on vinyl, why not consider a custom fitted cover made from Sunbrella material?  Fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and worry free Sunbrella fabrics protect your outdoor investments from all kinds of weather while letting you accentuate your life with long lasting style.  And because it's woven, Sunbrella breathes, so it doesn't trap heat and moisture like vinyl.  Vinyl can mildew, but Sunbrella looks great season after season. In fact, Sunbrella fabrics are so durable the manufacturer backs them with the best 5 year warranty in the business.  The next time you're in a home store, look at the warranty on those black vinyl covers and you'll find most are typically one year or less.


Not only will a Sunbrella cover outlast several vinyl covers, but by choosing Sunbrella you are able to choose from 64 different colors to accentuate your patio year round, not make it look condemed for the winter like using an old blue tarp does.

Protection For Your Investments

While a custom fitted cover costs a little more than the vinyl covers found in the home stores, it is truly a worthwhile investment.  Considering that your grill or patio furniture cost hundreds of your hard earned dollars, do you really want to risk protecting these investments with a cheap cover?

What about your air conditioning unit?  A breathable cover will protect your air conditioner from being exposed to the elements during the fall and winter months without trapping damage causing moisture beneath it like a vinyl cover will.  Taking the discount route on a vinyl cover or none whatsoever with your air conditioner can be a costly mistake due to premature wear as it sits unused through the reoccuring freeze and thaw of winter or allow it to collect moisture trapping dirt and leaves in the fall and spring.

One of our covers will outlive 3-4 vinyl covers for less than the price of 2 in most cases. Not only will a Nelis Customs cover outlive multiple store bought covers, it will also look and fit better during its long lifespan.  You've already invested in your outdoor home accessories and you should protect those investments with quality canvas covers.